Ahh, nooice. The Jets pulled out a victory over the struggling Vancouver Canucks, defeating them thanks to a pair by Devin Setoguchi, who wears the first annual player of the game award in this photo.

Goaltending looked so-so tonight, with Pavelec, once again, fighting the puck all night. He managed to make enough saves to ensure the victory, though, which is good to see, but at the same time, this probably secures him more starts in the future, so that sucks.

Byfuglien recorded an assist tonight, further cementing his role as a forward. He played only 16:49, which is nothing compared to the minutes he used to log on the blue line. He seems to be benefitting from playing wing, as now he can score goals like he likes to without having to worry about making a mistake.

Predictions gone right

– I GOT THE FINAL SCORE RIGHT! Mark this one on your calendars, readers. I got the score right and this is literally the only time this will happen.

– Mark Scheifele did indeed score a point, notching three in his last two games. He’s going to heat up. Mark my words.

– Pavelec did, again, let in a softy, though this one wasn’t bad. Ryan Kesler lifted a backhand past the struggling goaltender. It wasn’t a bad shot, but he maybe should have had it.

Predictions gone wrong

– From what I’m aware of, Trouba did not lay anyone out, or miss trying to lay anyone out. This is probably a good thing. We don’t want a repeat of this.

– Zack Kassian didn’t really do anything to prove he was a dirty player in this game, though I think we’ve all come to a general consensus that he’s a modern-day Sean Avery.

– Of course, Roberto Luongo didn’t even play tonight, so this prediction sucked. I had no idea. I let you down.

– Then, if you thought the last one was bad, turns out not even Tom Sestito played tonight. So, I guess my prediction wasn’t wrong, saying he had to play seven minutes, but still. I think it deserves to be under this category.

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I GOT THE SCORE RIGHT. That’s honestly cool. It was a great game to watch, and the play-by-play crew was really into it, making it all the more exciting. Plus, we learned that the fans at the MTS Centre really know how to make us at home laugh.



PREGAME: Pavelec Again?!

On this fine evening, the Winnipeg Jets play host to a fellow Canadian team in the Vancouver Canucks, making it the first time the Canucks have played the modern-day Jets at the MTS Centre.

Vancouver, partially thanks to this, have been on a bit of a slump lately. After allowing five unanswered goals in their previous game, the Canucks are looking to bounce back, but are running into another brick wall at the hands of the Jets. 

Winnipeg are the victors of six of their last eight games, though their most previous game yielded a 4-3 loss to the Predators. The Jets have been playing some inspiring hockey as of late, specifically with the addition of new head coach Paul Maurice. But, the question this blog will attempt to answer is: will they win tonight?

Passcodes to Winning

Goaltending Again –  I can’t stress enough the importance of our goaltending. Coaching staff has already seemed to make the first mistake of the night, giving Ondrej Pavelec another start, despite his last two games being shaky. This is over Al Montoya, a former first-round pick that never panned out into any more than a backup goalie. So, Pavelec has to be good.

Dustin Byfuglien – This man has been a defensive liability at times, so it looks as if they’ll keep him up as forward. If they do this, and he plays like he normally plays (which is like a forward), expect big things. This guy is a real game-breaker at times, especially when he plays forward.


I think this game will be a tight one, with both teams having an equal shot at winning this game. There are a lot of variables to a hockey game, so don’t read too much into this, but I am picking the Jets on this one with a few other predictions as to why this will happen.

  • Final score: 4-3 Winnipeg
  • Forward Mark Scheifele will score at least a point tonight. The guy has been one of the most consistent rookies this season, after his real sluggish start.
  • Trouba will absolutely lay someone out, or try to, and miss.
  • Zach Kassian of the Canucks will prove to everyone, once again, that he is a dirty player. 
  • Roberto Luongo, or @strombone1, will let in a really super weird goal (2.0) and tweet about it afterward. 
  • Again, Pavelec will let in a softy.
  • Tom Sestito will score if he plays over seven minutes.


Post-game to follow. 

POSTGAME: What happened?

Wow, was I, along with most of the hockey community, shocked when Winnipeg managed to pull out a 3-2 victory over the Ducks. Handing Anaheim their first home-ice loss, the Jets did so thanks to two of the things I outlined in the passcodes to winning: Evander Kane and Ondrej Pavelec. 

Kane, scoring one goal and one assist tonight, looked great at times. His goal was even short-handed, making it all the more impressive. His dad was even there, taking in the game! What a great night for Evander and his pops.

As mentioned in the previous post, Pavelec has been, at times, worse than mediocre. I mentioned that he had to have been more sharp than he’s ever been, and though that may be a stretch, he looked very good tonight. He made 40 saves in the victory.

Predictions gone right

– Jacob Trouba did help construct a goal from one of his point shots, as mentioned in the previous post. The kid has been on fire lately, and his solid play has earned him more minutes at more meaningful times.

– Despite his stellar play, Pavelec did let in one softy on a point shot from Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler. The puck squeaked through after he got a large chunk of it. That was to be expected.

Predictions gone wrong

– Corey Perry did not end up scoring a goal, which was the one prediction I had the most faith in. He actually proceeded to be brutally offside in the dying seconds of the game, the exact opposite of what I thought he was going to do. Nervous moments there.

– As far as I know, Andrew Cogliano didn’t really do much to prove that the Edmonton Oilers shouldn’t have let him go, though they should be kicking themselves regardless. The guy has 17 goals already this season, one off his career high. In addition to that, he’s literally never missed an NHL game due to injury. Ever since he broke out with the Oilers in 2007, Cogliano has played 510 games. Can somebody say Ironman? 

– Oh yeah, and not only did Anaheim not win 5-2, but they didn’t win at all. Winnipeg surprised a lot of people here, beating the Ducks on their home soil. They are confident right now, looking like they could contend with any team. 

Whether they can sustain this play is another story. Head coach Paul Maurice seems to be doing wonders for this squad, which probably attests more to a wake-up call for the players rather than a change in leader. Either way, The Jets will take it. 

PREGAME: Winnipeg Jets at Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks

Well, here we are.

The debut of a new bi-weekly section (and by bi-weekly, I mean twice a week) in this blog, outlining the Jets’ games, pre and post.

Tonight, Winnipeg faces without a doubt the hottest team in the league in the Anaheim Ducks, in their home. Wish them luck.

Winners of 19 of their last 21 games (that’s really frickin’ impressive), the Ducks head into tonight’s game looking to snap a winning streak on the other side. The Jets are winners of their last three, all of them under new coach Paul Maurice.

Needless to say, they’re in for a tough one tonight.

Passcodes to Winning

When a non-sports fan sees the phrase “keys to victory,” I bet that looks pretty stupid. They’re probably thinking, “score goals, play good defense, and don’t let any goals in.” It’s not that easy.

Though, with the Jets, it’s as monotonous as it gets in sports. It feels like every time the Jets are talked about in this area, it’s always the same thing. I’m going to outline those for you, because you’re not sick of reading them yet.

Goaltending – Pavelec, for once, needs to play like a legitimate number one goaltender. Winnipeg is stuck with him, they’ve accepted that, and now they must go forward. Coming in against a team in the Ducks that shelled Vancouver 9-1 last time they were at home, he must be extra sharp. Like, probably more sharp than he’s ever been. Like, this sharp.

Evander Kane – This man needs to channel is utter dominance. We’ve all seen it at one point or another, but chances are we’ve all only seen it once. This is a problem. He is the present and future, and he needs to start picking it up. He’s returning from injury, so I’m not going to be surprised if he doesn’t show up again tonight, but he needs to start doing this again.


Unless Anaheim starts a shooter tutor, they are most likely going to win this game. However, if the Ducks take the Jets for granted, they could find themselves in deep Trouba.

I’m sorry, that joke had to happen.

  • Final score: 5-2 Anaheim
  • Corey Perry scores at least once.
  • Andrew Cogliano somehow proves that Edmonton shouldn’t have ever let him go.
  • Jacob Trouba takes one point shot that results in a goal.
  • Ondrej Pavelec lets in at least one softy.


Post-game to follow.