PREGAME: Winnipeg Jets at Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks

Well, here we are.

The debut of a new bi-weekly section (and by bi-weekly, I mean twice a week) in this blog, outlining the Jets’ games, pre and post.

Tonight, Winnipeg faces without a doubt the hottest team in the league in the Anaheim Ducks, in their home. Wish them luck.

Winners of 19 of their last 21 games (that’s really frickin’ impressive), the Ducks head into tonight’s game looking to snap a winning streak on the other side. The Jets are winners of their last three, all of them under new coach Paul Maurice.

Needless to say, they’re in for a tough one tonight.

Passcodes to Winning

When a non-sports fan sees the phrase “keys to victory,” I bet that looks pretty stupid. They’re probably thinking, “score goals, play good defense, and don’t let any goals in.” It’s not that easy.

Though, with the Jets, it’s as monotonous as it gets in sports. It feels like every time the Jets are talked about in this area, it’s always the same thing. I’m going to outline those for you, because you’re not sick of reading them yet.

Goaltending – Pavelec, for once, needs to play like a legitimate number one goaltender. Winnipeg is stuck with him, they’ve accepted that, and now they must go forward. Coming in against a team in the Ducks that shelled Vancouver 9-1 last time they were at home, he must be extra sharp. Like, probably more sharp than he’s ever been. Like, this sharp.

Evander Kane – This man needs to channel is utter dominance. We’ve all seen it at one point or another, but chances are we’ve all only seen it once. This is a problem. He is the present and future, and he needs to start picking it up. He’s returning from injury, so I’m not going to be surprised if he doesn’t show up again tonight, but he needs to start doing this again.


Unless Anaheim starts a shooter tutor, they are most likely going to win this game. However, if the Ducks take the Jets for granted, they could find themselves in deep Trouba.

I’m sorry, that joke had to happen.

  • Final score: 5-2 Anaheim
  • Corey Perry scores at least once.
  • Andrew Cogliano somehow proves that Edmonton shouldn’t have ever let him go.
  • Jacob Trouba takes one point shot that results in a goal.
  • Ondrej Pavelec lets in at least one softy.


Post-game to follow. 


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