POSTGAME: What happened?

Wow, was I, along with most of the hockey community, shocked when Winnipeg managed to pull out a 3-2 victory over the Ducks. Handing Anaheim their first home-ice loss, the Jets did so thanks to two of the things I outlined in the passcodes to winning: Evander Kane and Ondrej Pavelec. 

Kane, scoring one goal and one assist tonight, looked great at times. His goal was even short-handed, making it all the more impressive. His dad was even there, taking in the game! What a great night for Evander and his pops.

As mentioned in the previous post, Pavelec has been, at times, worse than mediocre. I mentioned that he had to have been more sharp than he’s ever been, and though that may be a stretch, he looked very good tonight. He made 40 saves in the victory.

Predictions gone right

– Jacob Trouba did help construct a goal from one of his point shots, as mentioned in the previous post. The kid has been on fire lately, and his solid play has earned him more minutes at more meaningful times.

– Despite his stellar play, Pavelec did let in one softy on a point shot from Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler. The puck squeaked through after he got a large chunk of it. That was to be expected.

Predictions gone wrong

– Corey Perry did not end up scoring a goal, which was the one prediction I had the most faith in. He actually proceeded to be brutally offside in the dying seconds of the game, the exact opposite of what I thought he was going to do. Nervous moments there.

– As far as I know, Andrew Cogliano didn’t really do much to prove that the Edmonton Oilers shouldn’t have let him go, though they should be kicking themselves regardless. The guy has 17 goals already this season, one off his career high. In addition to that, he’s literally never missed an NHL game due to injury. Ever since he broke out with the Oilers in 2007, Cogliano has played 510 games. Can somebody say Ironman? 

– Oh yeah, and not only did Anaheim not win 5-2, but they didn’t win at all. Winnipeg surprised a lot of people here, beating the Ducks on their home soil. They are confident right now, looking like they could contend with any team. 

Whether they can sustain this play is another story. Head coach Paul Maurice seems to be doing wonders for this squad, which probably attests more to a wake-up call for the players rather than a change in leader. Either way, The Jets will take it. 


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