Ahh, nooice. The Jets pulled out a victory over the struggling Vancouver Canucks, defeating them thanks to a pair by Devin Setoguchi, who wears the first annual player of the game award in this photo.

Goaltending looked so-so tonight, with Pavelec, once again, fighting the puck all night. He managed to make enough saves to ensure the victory, though, which is good to see, but at the same time, this probably secures him more starts in the future, so that sucks.

Byfuglien recorded an assist tonight, further cementing his role as a forward. He played only 16:49, which is nothing compared to the minutes he used to log on the blue line. He seems to be benefitting from playing wing, as now he can score goals like he likes to without having to worry about making a mistake.

Predictions gone right

– I GOT THE FINAL SCORE RIGHT! Mark this one on your calendars, readers. I got the score right and this is literally the only time this will happen.

– Mark Scheifele did indeed score a point, notching three in his last two games. He’s going to heat up. Mark my words.

– Pavelec did, again, let in a softy, though this one wasn’t bad. Ryan Kesler lifted a backhand past the struggling goaltender. It wasn’t a bad shot, but he maybe should have had it.

Predictions gone wrong

– From what I’m aware of, Trouba did not lay anyone out, or miss trying to lay anyone out. This is probably a good thing. We don’t want a repeat of this.

– Zack Kassian didn’t really do anything to prove he was a dirty player in this game, though I think we’ve all come to a general consensus that he’s a modern-day Sean Avery.

– Of course, Roberto Luongo didn’t even play tonight, so this prediction sucked. I had no idea. I let you down.

– Then, if you thought the last one was bad, turns out not even Tom Sestito played tonight. So, I guess my prediction wasn’t wrong, saying he had to play seven minutes, but still. I think it deserves to be under this category.

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I GOT THE SCORE RIGHT. That’s honestly cool. It was a great game to watch, and the play-by-play crew was really into it, making it all the more exciting. Plus, we learned that the fans at the MTS Centre really know how to make us at home laugh.



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