The happiest NHL players

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the happiest NHL player of them all?

Since the NHL is taking it’s two-week hiatus from playing for the Olympics, I’ve been looking for alternate means of posting content. This time, I used the opportunity to focus on the players that are fun to watch, not necessarily because they’re electric players (which certainly helps,) but because they are just generally stoked on life.

Jarome Iginla

I know this man doesn't look very happy, but roll with me here.

I know this man doesn’t look very happy, but roll with me here. CREDIT – Sport Talk Florida

I’m not sure there’s ever been a time where I’ve seen Jarome Iginla not smile, except for that one time. From his time in Calgary, to his 13 minutes spent in Boston, to half a half season spent in Pittsburgh, to his now-home in Boston again, Iginla seems to remain light about his situation. He’s one of those guys you can’t not like. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Reddit community.

Happiest moment – It’s gotta be this.

Favourite GIF – Here, Both Iginla and Reilly Smith attempt goalball, which you will quickly learn the challenges associated with it.

What’s his happiness comparable to? –  Imagine you met the CEO of your company. The way you are portraying your happiness is how Iginla always acts.

Erik Karlsson

This is about as focused as he looks, though underneath he's always focused. CREDIT - La Presse

This is about as focused as he looks, though underneath he’s always focused. CREDIT – La Presse

Erik Karlsson’s sudden rise to fame was nothing short of spectacular. Not that he wasn’t expected to do great things, but he wasn’t expected to be arguably the league’s top offensive defenseman, especially considering that Karlsson wasn’t drafted until 15th overall.

Yet, here we are, and Karlsson may be as surprised as anyone. He’s emerged as a premier defenseman, and he’s just as pumped about it as we are.

Happiest Moment –  Daniel Alfredsson’s tribute in Ottawa this year. Probably not his happiest moment, but he certainly looks content.

Favourite GIF – There’s plenty, but I think this one makes us throw in the towel. Actually, no, this one does, look in the bottom right for his body contact with Capitals defenseman Mike Green.

What’s his happiness comparable to? – He reminds me of a golden retriever. Always generally happy. Plus, his hair looks sort of like a golden lab’s coat.

Tomas Hertl

Look how excited he looks! CREDIT - CBC

Look how excited he looks! CREDIT – CBC

Similarly to Karlsson, Hertl practically appeared out of nowhere for the Sharks this season. Though some were aware of his potential, I don’t think anyone expected him to surge out as one of the Sharks’ leading scorers before he was injured. Plus, I don’t think anyone expected a four-goal performance, let alone a goal of this nature.

Happiest Moment – He was pretty stoked when he lit the lamp four times, but I think he was a little more excited here.

Favourite GIF – I just think the 4th goal is an obvious candidate, so here’s one of him eating a cookie.

What’s his happiness comparable to? – Imagine the day you got your license. Now imagine living your entire life with that kind of emotion.

P.K. Subban

Dapper. CREDIT - The Fourth Period

Dapper. CREDIT – The Fourth Period

The man can be serious at times (and a lot more lately, thanks to his coach Michel “No Fun” Therrien,) but good ol’ P.K. is one of the most dominant players in the game, and he knows it. He chooses to have fun with it, both on and off the ice, receiving mostly negative feedback from the foreign buildings he plays in.

Happiest Moment – This most likely isn’t his happiest moment, but look at how great he is at limbo! Assists go to Eric Tangradi (now of the Jets,) and Logan Couture of the Sharks.

Favourite GIF – This one is pretty wonderful. He looks at Canadiens forward Brandon Prust like a pastry.

What’s his happiness comparable to? – You know that guy you play sports against that is better than you and he knows it? That’s P.K., but it’s all in good fun if you’re not playing against him.

Jaromir Jagr


CREDIT – CBC (I guess)

The ageless wonder, who will be 42 in two days, leads the New Jersey Devils in scoring. He’s not like a fine wine, getting better with age, but he’s more like that container of sour cream you know his past its best before date, but still manages to be delicious on your mashed potatoes.

I guess I should make myself clear: I don’t think he’s delicious, just surprising.

He has said he’s going to play until he’s 70, too, which is great news for us. What a joy he is.

Happiest Moment – The man has been in the NHL longer than I have been alive, so there are probably many happy events in his life. Of course, this one has to be one of his finest moments. Look at the swag he has wrapped up in his mullet.

Favourite GIF – Watch these two in succession. Hi hater. Bye Hater.

What’s his happiness comparable to? – The general happiness your grandpa gets when you visit him. Shortly after the novelty wears off, his sarcastic attitude comes out, and it’s hilarious. That’s what Jagr is like.

This post holds literally no merit, but who cares. It was fun, I had fun, hockey players are fun, everybody’s fun. Until next time!


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