Do we get too excited when we watch Olympic hockey?


Okay, we’re done here. 












But seriously? Do we? Canada often gets criticized by everyone for not having enough patriotism. Like a school without school spirit, only a small fraction of Canada actually cares about how well the nation does at things, and an even smaller fraction root for them.

Unless it’s the Olympics. Specifically, the winter ones. We love winter sports because we’re good at them; we’re good at winter sports because we love them. It’s a joyously endless cycle.

So when our nation defeats a rival like the United States, one that has patrons all the time voicing their entitled opinion of how much better they are than we, should we be excited?

Yes, we should.

We should get excited for two weeks of every four years, because it’s awesome to get excited.

Our country is one of the greatest countries in the world. We take a lot of things for granted, and that’s okay. One thing we don’t have, though, is the aforementioned patriotism that we always get criticized for. 

I don’t mean to single out Scott Hartnell, as I’m sure he didn’t mean it in this manner, but many are upset about the over-the-top gloating that Canadians do over Twitter (myself included, as in, I gloated about the win.)

The only reason we are getting criticized is because we normally don’t ever do such a thing. But when it’s about our biggest obsession, on the biggest stage for the arguably the biggest prize, I think we can reserve a little “classlessness” for that day. 

Besides, it’s hilarious. It’s probably not the best thing to take joy in other people’s tears. Kind of reminds me of this (of course, Canada is Cartman.)

But, the way I’m justifying it (and it’s probably an unjust way, but stick with me) is that the States would do the same thing to us (and they might even tomorrow.)

When we, as Canadians, get to celebrate wins in the most important sport to us in the world in hockey, I think we should be granted a little bit of leeway. 

Besides, if the U.S. defeats Canada tomorrow, expect way more of a backlash in terms of classlessness. Sure, I’ll be mad at the time and think that it’s uncalled for, but that’s sports. We get passionate, sometimes out of control and we want the world to hear. Thank goodness for Twitter.


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