Why I am finally watching the Raptors play

It's finally getting exciting. CREDIT - The Star

It’s finally getting exciting. CREDIT – The Star

Growing up playing basketball in high school, I loved it. Growing up and watching basketball in high school, I hated it.

So why is it, that whenever I see a Toronto Raptors game this season, that I tune in, excitedly awaiting the results?

Could it be because Drake, their “global ambassador,” inspired my love for the game?


Could it be because I’ve simply gotten sick of hockey?

See previous posts. Nah.

Could it be because watching the Toronto Blue Jays depresses me?

That’s actually quite possible. Last season sucked. All of it. Hope it’s at least a little better this year. But, not completely the reason.

Could it be because the Raptors are winning?

DING DING DING! That’s it! For the first time in a long time, the Raptors are winning, and not just because they have a Chris Bosh.

T-Ross, DD, K-low, Amir, and Big V are all leading the team to victory in their various ways. It’s exciting to watch.

I think what’s probably most exciting about the Raptors this year is that they are finally putting themselves back on the map. I think that even with Bosh, nobody cared about Toronto and nobody wanted to go there. All of a sudden, the Raptors are talked about, they have more than one good player, and things are fun.

Not to mention their lineup includes some serious dunks. Terrence Ross and Amir Johnson can throw that ball down, and even DeRozan can from time to time. Kyle Lowry definitely can’t, (correction: he can) but hey, he’s looks like a little kid out there compared to the heights of the rest of them (even though he’s six feet tall).

The bottom line, the Raptors are good. They aren’t up there with the Heat or the Spurs or the Pacers or the Thunder, but they can make some serious noise in the playoffs for the first time in some years. In the meantime, I’m going to impatiently wait for said playoffs.

I realize that I probably don’t sound like a real sports fan, and that’s probably true. But, I didn’t say I wasn’t a fan of the teams; I guess I’m just too young to remember when those teams won, if it all.

I never thought I’d say this, but during the NBA playoffs, you might catch me watching the Raps play (when the NHL playoffs are on commercial, of course).