You should be a sports-liker

Hey, reader.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a classmate, or you are a teacher. Either way, you are forced (against your will, presumably) to read this amount of text.

My apologies.

But, today, I’m going to spend some time trying to convince you, fan of not-sports, that sports are, indeed, good.

1. Sports are super good because a lot of people like them.

Many people like sports. Some experts say (this may be a bit of an exaggeration) that there are people in over 54 countries that like sports. Countries such as the United States, North Korea, the Philippines, and even Canada have been rumoured to have sports fans. Maybe if you are part of a country that isn’t listed above, you could make history as the first sports-liker in your whole country.

2. Sports teach you valuable lessons about teamwork and scoring.

Over 35% of all sports are team events, and this means that when you play sports you will learn teamwork. Teamwork is vital in almost all workplaces, but specifically in the following job titles: plumbing, independent electrician, single dad, and Prime Minister. This is why it’s important to learn teamwork because where else are you going to learn it? Reading my blog?

Also, scoring is huge. Sports can not only teach you how to score goals, it also can teach you how to score dates with attractive boys and girls (do not take my word on this one).

3. Sports is fun to watch with your bros while you’re eating hint of lime tortilla chips.

When you and your bros are “chilling” (check out the use of that hip word), what better way to “hang” (check that one out) then to watch some “fresh” (I’m getting good at this) teams play each other? Especially during the SuperBowl, where you can eat a large amount of food but it doesn’t count toward your calorie count because it’s the SuperBowl and that’s just the rule.

4. You can be a casual fan, or you can really casual fan, or you can be a big causal fan.

The biggest good part about sports is that you can choose the amount of fanship you wish to have. Perhaps you look at your schedule and say, “wow, Tuesday is really not a good sports day for me.” Or maybe you’re like, “well, I don’t feel like sportsing this weekend.” Nobody is going to get mad at you! Whereas if there’s a weekend in which you don’t feel like hanging with your significant other for a weekend, your Tuesday will end up booked solid because you’ll be in the DOGHOUSE!

Well, I know you’re convinced, but if you’re not, please let me know and I can elaborate on more reasons why you should be a sports-liker. I literally have 57 more.