You should be a sports-liker part four: the fourth part

Hey. Sports are good.

I’ve so far posted 10 reasons as to why you should like sports, but just for good measure, I’ve decided to post three more.

11. Pretty much anything is a sport. If it is competitive, it is sports.

Do you like to eat? Well, there’s a sport for that. Do you like to run around in a big ball and hit other people running around in a big ball? Well, you’re in luck, buddy. There’s pretty much a sport for everyone, heck even darts is a sport! That’s crazy! You should join a sport.

12. There are these things called “beer leagues” that sometimes involve people drinking, and it can sometimes get out of hand but also fun.

Beer leagues are like recreational leagues with alcoholic beverages involved. Not convinced yet? Me neither. I’m not sure what the appeal is, but if you are a big fan of being intoxicated, sports probably make that even more enthralling.

13. If you like sports, you could be like me.

Let’s face it: I know my readers sometimes wish they were me. Being a sports guy, it’s understandable. I’m also very talented at being awkward and also really good at sitting on chairs weird. These are some talents I know that others wish they could have. But, I have good news for you! If you like sports, you can sort of be like me. This means that, ultimately, if you strike up a conversation about sports, I will be interested and therefore you can ask me how to be good at things. At the very least, we can become excellent friends.

Let me know if you’re not convinced yet. I’m pretty sure everyone is, though.

11 thoughts on “You should be a sports-liker part four: the fourth part

  1. Kyle, it’s been two minutes since I posted my comment and you haven’t responded yet. Do you hate me Kyle? Are we not friends anymore? Kyle, all I ever did was laugh at your funny sports posts. Kyle, you’re making me cry. Stop it Kyle, you’re the worst! Kyle I hate you too!

  2. Kyle, I’ve typed your name so many times it doesn’t look like a real word anymore. Did you know that’s an actual thing? It’s called semantic satiation, Kyle.

  3. I can see that Kyle has a number one fan already. Wanna know one more reason why a person should like sports? Guys. Plain and simple. Or, in the interest of being equal, girls. Not because you can impress the opposite sex, but because you can oogle them. Tell me to watch a hockey game, and nine times out of ten, I’m noticing the guys more than the goals…with the exception of the San Jose Sharks fancy stick-work. Go Sharks! Sports can be easy on your eyes.

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