You should be a sports liker part five: five

Here’s three more reasons why you should like sports. Sports are excellent and also good, so here’s three more reasons why.

14. If you like math, sports are excellent.

There’s these things called statistics, that are a huge part of sports. If you like numbers, that’s good because not that many other people like numbers, therefore there is a niche community in which you can fit in with. You can interpret numbers that other sportsers don’t want to! Everyone wins!

15. There’s sports all around you, so you can do or watch sports whenever you want!

Have you ever driven by a school and seen a weird concrete pad with posts and orange hoops attached to them? You can play basketball there! That’s what they are there for! If you travel around, chance are you will find a basketball hoop. And then, all you need is a ball and you are good to go! A basketball is recommended, but you can also use: hacky sack, a soccer ball, a ball of tape. Try it out!

16. If it wasn’t for sports, we wouldn’t have Gatorade.

Some people use Gatorade as a hangover cure (I don’t even know what that is), but most people use it for sports. If sports didn’t exist, neither would Gatorade! It’s just a fact. Plus, it’s delicious. Have you tried the new cherry flavour? It’s not as good as the red kind or the blue kind, but it’s definitely up there.

There you go! More reasons to like sports. They are good.